Who are we?

We are an Amsterdam startup, founded by some sporty IT-friends.

Not for the profit, but because of all the mess we experienced with Whatsapp groups and different (often chaotic) logins and unsubscribe methods at our Yoga, Boxing and Tennis classes

We soon noticed that many people around us were experiencing the same problem, and that we should deploy our real strength here.

Automation and simplicity!

We are now a few years in, and we have a solid and robust product that can be used independently in the world of the gyms, studios and sports classes to simplify and improve.

In fact, we are growing like a sunflower in the summer of 2022! We thank to our valued customers, skilled team and very friendly prices and products for this =)

We opened "the gates" to the UK in 2022, and we noticed that demand for a simple to use all in one product is huge.

Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Spain will follow shortly... we'll keep you posted!