Automatic Payments

You can indicate in our product whether we will take care of the payments of your members for you.

Turning it on is quite simple. You turn on the "Activate automatic payments" switch in the payment screen and at the end of the day we will already start creating payment requests to your members. Your members can easily find them in the members app. If necessary, you can turn on "notifications" to notify your members immediately of a pending payment. Of course it is also possible to send the payment link to your members in any other way!

You and your members can easily find the invoice with of without the payment at any time in our system or print it out for (for example) an administration.

It works like this:

You will create a subscription for each member. This can be once, weekly, monthly or yearly.

The moment you have created a subscription for a member, we will create a payment link per next coming subscription period for the member. This payment includes the installment amount that you have allocated to this subscription. By each subsequent term we will repeat this until this subscription is terminated by you.

If the member has made the payment, the system will process it immediately.

A payment will appear in the overview screen, and the bill will be set to "paid".

We charge 3% administration costs per transaction, which we do not charge to the members, but deduct from the amount to be received by you.

During the first week of each month you will receive an overview of payments received in the previous month, outstanding payments for that period, and we make the amount we have received, minus the aforementioned 3% administration fee, left to you.

Automatic payments can be terminated at any time.
We will make the amount you owe from us in the first week of the next month to you, minus the 3% administration fee.

After termination, our program will immediately stop sending invoices.

If you decide to turn on automatic payments again at a later time, this is possible.

When automatic payment is turned on, you are no longer able to manually enter payments in our system administer. Only the cash flows administered by us will be shown. Your pre-existing payments and we leave accounts untouched.

You can always export all payments and invoiced amounts in a format with 1 press of a button suitable for Excel or any other processing program.